Established in 2008, New Era Block Tile JSC is one of the pioneer manufacturers of unburnt building materials in Vietnam.

New Era Block Tile JSC, a pioneer and market leader in the production of EBLOCK lightweight concrete bricks using autoclaved gas technology in Vietnam, is dedicated to providing clients with:

  • –    Products of the highest quality.
  • –    Reasonable price.
  • –    Fastest Ordering and delivery  time.
  • –    Best service: Including , Consulting, Promotion, after – sales and other support.
  • –    Maintain environmental friendly and sustainable development criteria
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Vision, Mission and Core Values


"New Era Home is oriented to become the region's leading manufacturer of GREEN Building Materials"

We aim to develop into a prestigious and top quality building material  manufacturer in the region. We are continually innovating to establish an ecosystem of international quality products and solution packages for projects and partners, as well as to contribute  to improve the quality life of Vietnamese people and elevate the position of Vietnamese brands in the international market.

our mission


Providing global standard products and solutions, contributing to environmental protection and improving the quality of life.

Core Values

Humanity - Prestige - Interrity - Constancy

Humanity: People are our most valuable resource. We are constantly working to create and grow a professional working environment, as well as to implement the finest  welfare policies for employees, build relationships with partners and customers in the spirit of goodwill, transparency and humanity.

Prestige: We always prioritize prestige as the guiding principle in all of our decisions and actions..

Integrity: Is the gold standard in all interactions with coworkers, partners, and the community.

Constancy: As we think and act, each step must be steady to create sustainable results, not only for ourselves, but also for the business and the social community..


Our Milestones


Company establishment

New Era Home (initially well-known as EBLOCK) was established since 06/2008, with charter capital

Factory construction EBLOCK 1

The first  Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block factory was constructed at Thinh Phat Industrial Park, Ben Luc District, Long An Province.

The first EBLOCK product on the market

After a long time researching  and improving products, in early 2010 the first unburned bricks with EBLOCK trademark were consumed to the market.

Upgrade the factory EBLOCK 1

Upgrading the production line to a 150,000 m3/year capacity. Raising the charter capital to 80 billion VND. Products from EBLOCK began to be sold on the international market.

Factory construction EBLOCK 2

Constructing EBLOCK 2  with double space and well-equipped, modern  production lines which is the most advanced technology in Southeast Asia. Raising the charter capital to 200,000,000VND and increasing the total capacity to above 400,000m3/year. ALC Panel products have been introduced to the market.

Leading the unburned AAC

Become the market leader in Vietnam for Autoclaved aerated concrete. Becoming an reliable partner for  OEM, exporting products to Taiwan, Singapore and Australia markets.

Building factory EFLOOR

Invest in composite material research & development. With an initial capacity of 1.2 million m2/year, the Waterproof Composite Flooring factory was officially opened.

Renamed New Era Home

E-Block has changed its trade name to New Era Home in 2021 to broaden its business field and market. Producing and  distributing 2 main products: Autoclaved aerated concrete EBLOCK, Waterproof Composite Flooring EFLOOR, as well as other materials.

Factory construction EFLOOR

Invest in Composite material research & development. Constructing a Waterproof Composite Flooring EFLOOR with an initial capacity of 1.2 million m2/year.